tudor vladimir panduru (r.s.c.) cinematographer


director and choreographer: simona deaconescu
producer: anamaria antoci
production: tangaj
romania | digital 2016

a visual abstract poetry of the human being confronted with nature, the machine and himself. in the center of romania there is an open pit copper mine, enclosed by erupting sub-volcanoes. here, man has carved an architectural rock wonder. the sounds of the machines create a mysterious symphony, while the waste paints subtle shades of blue. the walls of the pit frame an unexpected and ongoing emotional story in which vivid eruptions of feelings emerge from the dancers’ bodies. they are linked by a common story, an inherited craziness that flows invisible around them and digs deep in their subconscious.


bestias danzantes special mention for best international short | dance camera west |encore dance on film | aestetica short ff | agite y sirva | dance film festival brussels | detroit dance city festival | greensboro dance film festival | kolkata shorts film festival special mention for best international short | light moves festival of screendance | san francisco dance film festival | sans souci festival of dance cinema | the outlet dance project | videodanza buenos aires | videomovimiento | cinedans festival | loikka dance film festival lolikka award | chania dance days | seyr festival | physical cinema reykjavik